Utilizing the WeSaidYes affirmative consent app, requires ACTIVE involvement which will do far more to change the current culture of sexual behavior on college campuses and reduce sexual assaults than current passive campaigns, slogans or policies.

Creating an environment that increases CONSENT while decreasing sexual assaults requires ACTION.

Leverage our consent homework and our legal legwork…

Educate your students about Consent, Communication, Coercion and how to protect themselves…

Show university parents that there is an ACTIVE effort to help protect their children…

Inform university stakeholders there is a tool available to students that helps reduce sexual assaults and minimize risk and liability…

Our mission is to clarify consent in compliance with the Yes Means Yes movement by providing tools and education that encourage communication and eliminate confusion to protect men and women before engaging in sexual conduct.


Avoids legalese with direct and crisp language to ensure both parties understand agreement.


Available using a mobile device to ensure easy access anytime, anywhere.


Inspired by a judge, tool ensures information captured should be sufficient to cover liability pending an allegation.


Intuitive with a process that supports quick, straightforward consent conversation.

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“Real consent is marked by the ongoing presence of a yes rather than the absence of a no  both parties must agree to sexual contact verbally or through clear non-verbal cues, and silence or lack of resistance does not indicate consent. Schools with affirmative consent policies must use this stricter standard to evaluate sexual assault complaints within their campus disciplinary systems.”



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